Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week 61

Okay, sorry I'm so low on time. This week was great though! Yuchen was baptized this Saturday, and Li who was baptized when I was here last year, baptized him! It was such a neat experience to see Li exercise the Priesthood authority he has been given to bless others. Loveday who was baptized last week gave a talk at Yuchen's baptism. She did extremely well. She sounded like she had been giving talks her whole life! I was so happy for her :)

I have grown to love people from China even more than I already did. For the most part, they are the most kind, gentle people. A lot of them here are just hungry for the Gospel. We had a lesson with someone from Guang Jo (that's probably not how you spell it), China, and it was such a spiritual lesson. He poured out all of these wonderful questions, and we had answers! We taught him about the nature of God, the importance of families, how God shows His love by calling prophets, and about the Book of Mormon. We didn't have enough time to share the whole Restoration lesson with him, but he was just eating up the information we gave him. He attended church with us yesterday. We have a Chinese Gospel Principles class which Loveday will teach. We learned all about the Priesthood yesterday in class which I think reaffirmed the things we taught this particular person earlier this week. 

This week we had a showing of Meet the Mormons at the Branch building. We made fliers and invited everyone we could. 10 minutes before it was supposed to start, there was still no one there. We were so bummed! We ran outside and invited everyone we could. We didn't get very good reactions from the frat houses, but we did it anyway haha. We couldn't get anyone to come. We turned around and went back to the building to find the parking lot full. Members had invited thier friends! There were at least 8 non-members there to see this documentary. It was such a wonderful testimony to me that Members and full-time missionaries must work together to see optimum success. I'm so grateful to this wonderful branch for their efforts in being disciples of Christ and "strenghten[ing their] brethren." 

We were looking for new people to teach, so we just went through the records in our area book, and we set up about 4 appointments I think! One was a sweet older lady who lived not too far from us. We went over and taught her the first lesson, and at first she was showing all signs of being a Pennsylvania talker, but right when we started teaching, she quieted down and listened! It was a miracle! It was such a great time to address her concerns with the Gospel of Jesus Christ :) We'll pass her off the Elders this week. 

Our investigator Khoa showed us his soccer skills this week. He's like YouTube good! He could spin it on his forehead, ear, head, finger, back, foot, and a whole bunch of cool stuff! I took a video of it, but I can't send it over this email, so you'll have to wait for a few more months to see! 

There was a football game this Saturday which brought out a lot of bad here haha. It was a little hard to see and hear the conversations being had on the bus. It just made me so so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm so happy to be sharing this important message with the inhabitants of the Earth (well, Pennsylvania). 
Students here have tons of Penn State pride, so they do this thing where someone will yell, "WE ARE," and then everyone is supposed toyell, "PENN STATE!" On our way to the Church building on game day, someone yelled out the window, "WE ARE," and for some reason I didn't register what he was saying. He again yelled, "WE ARE," and I realized what he was saying, but I thought he might be talking to someone else. I looked around, and we were the ONLY ones on the sidewalk, so he was obviously talking to us.....he yelled once again, "WE ARE," but by this point we were too embarrassed to yell back because we had ignored him the past two times, so we just kept walking. As we walk away we hear him yell, "You suck!" hahahaha it was quite funny. Someone else yelled "Hey, I like your dress girl," as they drove by, and we also got called Amish. "Amish girls rock!" hahaha game day...'nuff said. 

That is all I can think of at this point! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! If you feel like you know uh writing me a ummm letter this week, I would maybe love it perhaps. Kloveyou! Love,

Sister Sparks


 covering her knees because they were showing haha

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