Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 58

OKAY time is almost UP! Sorry about that! Salt Lake changed our logins or something and we couldn't get it to work until a few minutes ago! Alright, so I'm going to think hardcore about what to share. 

First off, the Church is doing an Easter initiative. They have come out with a video called Because He Lives which is similar to He is the Gift (Christmas initiative) and Because of Him which came out last Easter. I am so grateful for these powerful videos that bring the Spirit into our lessons. SHARE THIS WITH A LEAST 3 PEOPLE. Better yet, post it on Facebook or other social media websites. Email it! Whatever way you choose, share your testimony of the divinity of REALITY of the LIVING Christ! 

I will share an experience I had this week. I met a Vietnamese student at Penn State on the bus last week. We talked about religion and science. He expressed his desire to learn what "religious people had that he lacked." We taught him about the Restoration last night. I was able to bear  testimony of the reality of Joseph Smith's vision, and something really sunk deep into my heart. When Heavenly Father spoke to Joseph, He said, "Joseph, this is my Beloved Son. Hear Him." God called him by name. Heavenly Father knew Joseph. He knew he was a 14 year old boy living in New York. He knew the concern he had to find the one church that could offer him salvation through Christ. The same principle is true for us. He calls us by name. He knows our thoughts and the desires of our hearts. He understands our concerns and knows our questions. He cries when we are sorrowful and is joyful when we succeed. He is our loving Heavenly Father. 

This is such an important thing to understand. Ponder this, study this, and ask God if this is true. He will answer. I love you all!! Have a good week!


Sister Sparks

Sister Peterson and me :) LOVE HER!!!!!

I got to see the Swingholms again!!!!! 

We did service at an aviation place. It was so cool! We got to take the official tour

Doing what I do best

zone conference

reunited in the trio for a day :) love them!!

 trying to decide what to say in a roleplay. I had help

little girls attacking me at the General Women's meeting

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