Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 57

Hello everyone!!

This is Sister Sparks reporting on her first week BACK in State College! Basically, I love it! I've honestly not seen much of outside because we've been so sick this week :/ We've still been going out to our appointments and what not, but in between them we're loading up with medicine and sleeping. We slept for 5 hours straight one day and didn't even budge...I hope it goes away soon! We were teaching the Restoration to a boy our age, and we were saying something like, "The Book of Mormon will bring you closer to God than any other book, and we feel confident in claiming that because... *que HACKING UP A LUNG and having to leave to get a drink of water." The poor guy looked a little weirded out, but he came to church with us yesterday, so it couldn't have been too bad! 

Oh! I was a little nervous to come back to State College, so my last companions Sisters Wilde and Moss took me to Cracker Barrel to calm my nerves. Chocolate milk always does the trick. We showed up to FHE, and everyone was so surprised! It had been so fun to see everyone I was so close to! I was able to see two recent converts I taught last year all dressed up in a white shirt and tie passing the sacrament. They both have attended the temple, and one of them was even baptized for his deceased grandmother who lived in China. It has been such a special experience to see their growth. I look forward to however many weeks I get to be back here! One of our branch members won the national wrestling title (or something like that) this week. We are...PENN STATE! I'm such a poser hahaha, but I would seriously love to go to school here! 

Hmm what else is new before I have to take off....
I received a Miranda Sings tshirt in the mail two days ago which made me very happy! It says, "Haters Back Off!" with a picture of Miranda. I'm wearing it to FHE tonight! Hey, I love you all, and have a good week!!


Sister Sparks

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