Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 60

Hmmmm let's see here....this week was wonderful! It's such a beautiful day here in State College. The sun is shining, the wind is not as treacherous, and I finally don't have to wear tights!!!!! Yay!!! 

Our investigators are doing wonderfully! Two of them have accepted baptismal dates of May 30. We're so excited! One investigator in particular I have such a huge soft spot for. He is just so sweet. He's a student here studying physiology. He's originally from Vietnam, but his English is great. I met him on the bus, and he said, "Wow, you're a missionary. That's great! I see myself as a man of science, but I've always wondered what religious people have that I'm missing." I can't remember if I already mentioned that in an earlier email, but I am still excited about it either way! Our first meeting with him was good, but you could tell he definitely had "Agnostic" views. We've met with him two times since then, and HOLY COW he has grown so much!! He doesn't recognize it as much as we do, but he went from, "Well, I'm really not sure if there is a God, and if there is, how could He be our Father?" to, "Well, I read both of the chapters you left with me. I prayed every day this week as well. My life has been quite good lately, and I am excited to see if I'm ready to be baptized on May 30th." SO COOL!!! That is the power of the Spirit. It truly changes us. 

Okay HILARIOUS story...so the investigator I just mentioned has such a funny way of talking...I love it so much! He goes, "Okay, okay, yes, uhuh, definitely, yes, absolutely. Ahhhhh, well Sisters, this poses a question," all throughout our meetings! It cracks me up! This meeting in particular I was just soaking in all of the wonderful changes he was making, and then we asked him a question. As he thought about his reply, he leaned forward and pushed up his glasses gently with his pointer finger, and they SNAPPED IN HALF....I seriously did not know what to do with myself. I was literally laughing sooo hard I could not stop. I sound heartless, right? The funny thing was he had both pieces of his glass in his hands, and he looked at them and automatically said, "Ummmm, okay, okay this is great. This has never happened before, but uh definitely, I think I have a friend who can fix this." I didn't want him to think I was laughing at the fact his glasses broke, so I ran out and got tape so he could fix them hahaah. You had to be there to experience how funny this was, but just trust...it was hilarious. 

Loveday, an investigator I taught last year, got baptized on Saturday!! It was so great! I was able to see all of the wonderful progress she's made. I could truly see her countenance change. As she sat there with wet hair listening to the remarks made about the Holy Ghost, I could just feel God's love radiate from her! It was so neat for real. I'm so grateful I get to see the fruits of my labors because many missionaries don't! Well, yeah, GREAT week, okay?

I hit my 14 month click day yesterday...insane. #4togo I LOVE PENNSYLVANIA. 
K love,

Sister Sparks

cleaning the font fun

 the branch supporting her! (Loveday's baptism)

 dancing with baby blanket

funny shot

 double chin shot like always

 one with the jumpsuit

 weekly planning. sunflower face

 loveday and me :)

 love her!!

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