Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 4 one month mark!

Weekly update:
Hello from the little Podunk town of Greencastle! My companion and I wrote a rap about it the other day while we were tracting, I'll have to type it up and tell you guys! This week has been good! Being away is still a little difficult, but it gets easier each day! The weeks go by SO quickly! I cant' believe I've already been out for more than a month! I've had some great experiences! I've really been studying my scriptures and praying for something to inspire me to do/be better. I'm reading from Mosiah in the Book of Mormon, and holy cow is Abinadi inspiring! I've learned a lot from my scriptures, and I want you all to as well! Pray before you read...and after :) The Lord has truly been helping me, and I'm so grateful! How is everyone?? Write me letters!! I always run around the apartment when I get a letter in the mail! We've been someone named Danny (I can't remember if I've mentioned him before or not), and he has truly been prepared by the Lord to hear the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love him, and it has been such a great experience teaching him! The Holy Ghost is real, and he testifies of truth! Always be sensitive to those promptings. The Lord loves each of you! I am so grateful to be out here hastening the work! I miss my little Idaho, but ALAS, I'll be home soon :) Have a great week! Be happy for goodness sake!!

Sister Sparks

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