Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 3 about the area

Weekly Update:

Hey Everyone! I guess I should tell you about my area! I'm in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. It's a small town, but it's super cute! I went to an antique shop and bought things for my future house hehez. My companion and I are both new to the area, so we are still trying to find people to teach, but it's going great :) It's so hard to be away from home, but this work is so worth it :) We found this guy named Danny while tracting one Sunday evening, and he invited us back, so last night we met with him. The meeting went really well! We taught him about the Book of Mormon and how it can bless his life. We asked him if he would be baptized if he came to know the Book of Mormon and its teachings are true, and he, "funny you bring that up...I've always wanted to be baptized. If I knew it was true, yes." It was so amazing!!! I said some pretty stupid/awkward stuff in the meeting, and that just proved to me Heavenly Father is the one that does the converting and not me! It was a great experience! I also had an experience where I had no idea what scripture to share with a less active lady, and suddenly Alma 37 came into my mind, and I opened it up, and it was the perfect scripture. I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and Savior who know what I'm going through. I am inadequate to do this work by myself, but with the Savior's help, I can do it! Life is good...hard, but good! I hope everything is going well with you all! Send me letters PLEASE!!! I love you all! The Church is true! kbye

Sister Sparks

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