Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 30

Hello everyone!! What a fantastic week!!! I honestly can't remember anything we did haha!
This week we received 4 referrals from Church headquarters. Basically, someone went on and requested a Bible, and they live in our area, so we were sent their information to visit them. It turned out all four of those people were Chinese, and they all have families! Unfortunately, we aren't the missionaries who teach families, but it was still SUCH an amazing experience to talk to them. None of them could speak English very well, so we had to speak in very plain words, but the Spirit helped them understand. As we talked about the Bible and the Book of Mormon and how they're the word of God, their eyes lit up as they started to really understand what we were saying! I'm so PUMPED for China to open up to missionaries! I want to serve another mission! Also, I'm just obsessed with Chinese people now. They're the sweetest people ever! 
So I'm actually not being transferred! I thought for sure I was! My situation now has definitely brought struggles, but I feel closer to God because of them. I'm having to rely on Him HEAVILY. Sometimes it feels like I can't possibly keep going, but Heavenly Father comforts me and helps me push through. I'm so so so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The Lord love us and is so aware of our situations. He has felt everything we have, so he knows exactly how to succor us. I have felt His friendship and support. Even when I feel alone, I know that's not possible! Christ will always be there for us! I just used a ton of cliche sayings, but 'tis true! 
Last week I said I was going to email Saturday because GUESS WHERE WE WENT!??????? A PENN STATE FOOTBALL GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!! Are you a little bit jealous? I mean, I understand if you are because it was SO awesome. The Beaver stadium is (I hear) the 2nd largest in the nation? Man, that place was PACKED! They played Massachusetts and totally creamed them. It would've been more exciting if it wasn't a total blow out, but it was still fun!!! I seriously can't even believe I went there!!
Last night the branch and some of our investigators and recent converts got together at the church to watch Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. It was SO good. I could watch that movie over and over. Why? Well, because it is such a good movie, but also because every time I watch it, I receive a spiritual witness that he was a prophet called of God to restore Christ's church on the earth. I know that since Joseph Smith, there has a been a prophet on the earth. We even have a prophet leading the church today! We also have twelve apostles just as Jesus Christ did. I know these men hold the Priesthood authority of God. Oh how amazing it is to be a part of Christ's church and receive saving ordinances by proper authority. AH! Jesus Christ is so real, and His whole purpose to help us return to Heavenly Father. He is THE way we can return. Abide in Him permanently :) Well, I have to go! Hope you have a good week!!

Sister Sparks

with the branch last night watching the Joseph Smith movie!

. sister pau'u is leaving

. happy thanksgiving!

last district meeting with all of us!

 boom baby
 waiting for our appointment to show up....she never did lol

  more waiting

in front of beaver stadium!

The Gibbys. we love them!!!

Brother owen! he bought tickets for 15 people at $40 each...and for a tailgating spot and for food....I am in so much debt to him! He just gives and gives and gives. i love brother owen

. it was PACKED

. it was PACKED

the bishop family!!!

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