Thursday, October 2, 2014

Week 31

Hi! This week has been great!
Monday: So since we went to the Penn State game on Saturday, we only had a couple hours on Monday for P-day. We had a lesson with a fellow from China who wanted a Bible. We were able to bring one of our members from China who translated for us. It was AMAZING. It's just a cool experience to see their eyes light up when they learn about Jesus Christ in their own language. I know I've said this before, but I'm seriously obsessed with Chinese people. They are the sweetest! I've already arranged for two of my Chinese friends to come to my home for Christmas next year! Mom, you better start buying some chopsticks!

Tuesday: The highlight of my day is that we were able to do some family history work. As I created my tree on Family Search, the Spirit of Elijah really entered my heart. I felt an urge to find out as much information as I could about my family. How blessed are we to have temples on earth where we can perform sacred ordinances for ourselves and for those who have passed !? Oh my goodness...please do your family history work! I promise you will feel the Spirit more strong and abundant in your life!
Wednesday: We had district meeting which was good. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that a Temple Square sister from Taiwan is serving here now! Her and her companion live just two doors down, so we get to spend a lot of time withe them. She is so sweet, and I can tell she just loves talking to as many Chinese people as she can! By the way, she said my Chinese pronunciation is really good! Would ya look at that...I have the gift of tongues, and I didn't even leave the United States. I'm totally joking ps... but I do want to speak Chinese eventually!
ThursdayThursday was pretty hard for me! Two of our appointments cancelled :( 'Twas okay though! Things worked out how the Lord needed them too! We met with one of our investigators and taught her about temples and eternal marriage. She is from China as well, so it was an amazing experience to testify to her that families really can be together forever. I know for certain the sealing power has been restored to the earth, and inside Holy Temples of God, we can be sealed to our spouses and families for time and all eternity. We can live in the presence of God IN families. How neat is that!?
A cool thing that happened today was that I was super missing my dad, and my companion randomly asked me, "So, what do you love most about your father?" As you can imagine, my teared up, and my heart beat fast as I received a spiritual witness that God knows me. I know the Spirit prompted Sister Zaugg to ask me that question. Everyone, I hope you know God is aware of you! He knows who you are. He loves you and will always take care of you. Seek for Him, and you will find Him!
Friday: We do this thing called forums on Tuesdays and Fridays. I can't remember if I explained this before, but we can't proselyte on campus except for certain times and in certain places. On Friday, we were stationed in our place and began to talk with people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One particular young man came down the steps from the library with ear phones in his ear. His shirt had a couple of words on them--one of them being "truth." Something compelled me to read his shirt. As he was quickly walking past me, I ran after him and asked if I could read his shirt (yes, I'm so awkward). My reading of his shirt obviously started a conversation, and we talked to him about his religious beliefs. He was raised Muslim, but he said he didn't believe in that anymore--he was searching for a religion that was true! We testified to this young man that Christ's church that He set up when he was on the earth was lost for many centuries. We bore testimony to him that God called a prophet just like he has in the past to restore the original truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We continued to tell him of the Restored Gospel, and he said, "Wow. I actually want to go to this church!" He was touched by the Spirit. In fact, we were all touched by the Spirit. My testimony of this church grows each time I share it, and I'm overjoyed to have helped one of my brothers taste of God's truth.
Saturday: We watched the General Women's Meeting, and it was super good! I think they want us to attend the temple...did anyone else get that? I'm so so so super excited to attend the temple when I return home! That is one thing I miss most! As i stated before, the temple is where families are sealed for time and all eternity. I'm looking forward for the day I may be sealed to my spouse in the temple. Because I have eternity as my goal, my whole perspective on life changes. I no longer need worry about the little trials that happen in this life. Yes, they are difficult, but I know they are mean to teach my something that will prepare me for eternity. Our lives are molded for us each individually. In the midst of a trial, think, "What does Heavenly Father want me to learn from this?" or "How can this situation help me become more like the Savior?"
Sunday was awesome too! We went to church and partook of the Sacrament. We had Break the Fast and two lessons afterward. I'm almost out of time, so I have to go, but it was so good to virtually talk to everyone! I hope you all have a marvelous week! 
Sister Sparks

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