Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Week 39

Hello! My mind is like a flurry of crazy right now, so I can't even remember what we did this week honestly! 

Well, I'll tell you about this crazy cool experience we had this week. We were visiting a member of the ward who had a stroke. He lives in a Health Care Center, and not a lot of people visit him, so we decided to go pay him a visit. We talked and read about the Plan of Salvation with him. He's seriously one of the sweetest people ever! He has a picture of the First Vision above his bed. Anyway, his nurse heard as we were talking with him, and before we left, she stopped us and said, "I just loved the way you girls were talking to that man. I want you to come teach me like that!" This woman was from Africa and just so happens to live in the same apartment complex as another member from Africa :) We're teaching her tonight! I'm so excited!

Two night ago there was a "light up" in my area with a big Christmas tree and what not. I LOVE Christmas, so it was super fun, but it was also a great opportunity to talk to people! It was super sad because we talked to these teenagers about Jesus Christ, and they made a lot of inappropriate comments, so it made us pretty angry! After that, we cooled down by taking a picture by the Christmas tree. We were prompted to talk with this family that took our picture, but we both ignored it. We thought, "Well, we're super mad about what happened, and it's getting late. They have a bunch of kids running around anyway." As we were almost out of the area, the prompting was so strong we couldn't ignore it. We ran back and talked to this family, and their reaction was SO AWESOME. They had huge smiles and said, "Yeah! We're always looking into going to church!" I'm so excited to share with them God's plan for families!

Another cool thing happened yesterday. We got a media referral a while ago for a family who lives in the projects. We've tried to contact them a couple of times, but they were never home. Yesterday, we visited again, and again, they weren't home. On our way out of the apartment complex, we saw this woman watching her children play. We were able to talk to her about temples and how families can be sealed together. We're going to meet with her family next week! I'm so grateful we received that media referral. Even if they never answer their door, I know it was a miracle that we met that lady. 

We're going hiking today, so I'll hopefully send pictures next week! I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to be a missionary for 9 more months. These are the best months EVER!!! Love you!

Sister Sparks

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