Monday, November 17, 2014

week 38


Holy awesome week!!!! The Lord is SO good. Our goal for this transfer is to really get the ward pumped for the Work of Salvation which isn't "baptizing peeps" but
1. member missionary work
2. retention of new converts
3. reactivation of less active members
4. family history and temple history work
5. teaching the Gospel
Cool, huh?? In our Zone Training this week, we talked about how as members of Christ's Church, we have to be united! If we're not "one" we're "not His." That's a pretty powerful statement! That means we must work together (missionaries and members) to forward the Work of Salvation wherever we are! We met with our bishop to talk about his vision for the ward. He really wants to focus getting people to the temple. That's a PERFECT goal. A quote I really like from Elder Nelson is, "Missionary work should begin and end with our eyes on the blessings of the Holy Temple." That's probably not 100% correct, but you get the picture. Instead of just picturing people being baptized, we should focus on helping them make and keep sacred covenants with God inside His temples. I know I am sooooo grateful for the knowledge that my family (because we've been sealed in the temple) is eternal. Guess What! That is God's plan for ALL of His children. He desires all of His children to be sealed to their families. That has been his plan since the beginning of time. Heavenly Father is just so amazing. His is perfectly righteous. It's good to know we can trust Him :)

So our finding binder was lost before Sister Williams and I were here, so it was a little bit stressful not having ANY information about the area. We didn't have any former and potential records, so we didn't have any clue who to visit. We've come to understand that was what God needed to happen. I believe God needed a fresh start in this area. We wasted no time then! We've been doing everything we can to find those who the Lord has prepared! We have witnessed sooooo many miracles! Multiple times this week (once at a car shop and once at Chipotle), people have asked US about the Church. We've been able to share information with them invite them to learn about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. AHHH so cool!!!!

Yesterday we were walking around in the Projects, and I was honestly a little bit scared. I was letting my fear get the better of me. I was saying "Hi" to people but not inviting them to learn about this important message. We decided to just go for it with the next person we saw. Well, the next person we saw sort of scared us...BUT we just put our faith in the Lord, and we talked to this man about the Book of Mormon and how it's "Another Testament of Jesus Christ." His face just lit up! He was interested in reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church eventually (he hasn't been to church in a long time) and us sharing more information with him! SO COOL!!!! Goodness, it was such an amazing experience. 

This morning Sister Williams and I did an activity in Preach My Gospel where we studied about the Sons of Mosiah. They were such awesome people! They faced a TON of persecution, but they suffered their afflictions with patience. Because they were patient, the Lord not only blessed them with success in teaching the Gospel, but He also blessed them with stronger testimonies of Jesus Christ and His teachings. I feel like that's exactly what is happening right now. Though things are sometimes difficult, we're trying our  best to be patient and face adversity with hope, and we've been blessed with success and stronger testimonies! 

That is what is on my heart right now! Be grateful for your families! Love them :) I love all of you! Hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister Sparks

btw I forgot to tell you this! My companion goes home in 4 weeks, so I'm the designated driver. Driving in Pittsburgh is scary...I have almost hit a deer, ran two stop signs, and ran a red light...all in 1 week HAHAHAH. It was an accident!!! kloveyoubye

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