Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 36

To everyone who reads my updates!

HELLO!!!! Today is just so good! I have never enjoyed daylight savings time so much in my entire life. SO GOOD. This morning we woke up to go to the gymn, and it was actually light outside! I won't be able to enjoy the gym for too much longer though because....

I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED. WHAT THE!??? Yeah! I've been in State College for 6 months, so I definitely expected to leave though. Sister Zaugg will be staying here and taking over the area. I'm so excited for her! Ohhhh let me tell ya something--I'm in love with this place. I want to move out here and come to Penn State and be in the branch here! Seriously...
I'm so so so sad to leave, but I'm excited to go where the Lord needs me. I will be going to a new area on Tuesday (tomorrow). I don't know where yet, but I do know I'm becoming a Sister Training Leader. That basically just means that I get to exchange areas with other missionaries every so often and learn from them :) I'm so excited! It's a little bit scary because I feel very under qualified, ya know? Alas! I do know the Lord qualifies us to hold certain positions as we pray, study, work hard, etc. 

Something I know for sure is that Heavenly Father love all of His children. No matter what religion, origin, ethnicity, family life, or whatever...He loves us! He has a perfect plan for all of us to return to live with Him and receive eternal blessings. I know through obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel, this eternal life can be achieved. ALSO, not only must be obey, but God asks us to change our very nature. We can't just obey the commandments grudgingly. God asks us to love Him. If we love Him, we willingly and joyfully obey and serve Him. Now, I'm not saying He expects us to perfectly do these things because we're definitely human, but even if we have the slightest desire to love Him, He will help that desire grow as we put in effort. Did that make sens? Well, either way, I know it's true. I've seen Heavenly Father change me in so many ways through the Atonement of Christ. The Gospel of Jesus 
Christ is not supposed to hinder us make us feel like we're in bondage. It's designed to help us become more like Christ. It's designed to help us be free. I have literally never felt as free as I do now. As we please God, things change in our lives. AH. I'm just so darn happy. 

I don't know what my address will be in my new area, but I'll send it next week! I hope everything is well wherever you all are! Just know that I love you all so much! The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real, and if I have ever done anything to hurt or offend you in ANY way, I ask for your forgiveness. I'm so excited to see everyone again! 


Sister Sparks

generations pic

the gibby's and me. they might be the favorite people in the world

Rebecca and me a jess

me and adrian and our christmas socks YES.

love this asian chick. she's SO sassy. i taught her slang. yay. she tells me to stop learning mandarin because i'm not good at it hhahaha

She's my puppet

President and shelby and me being so asian like sis. kuo

President and his wife

Me and Adrian

muh girls!

me and jess and josh. branch mission leader and wife. seriously love them so much.

me and sarah

me and Emily

hhahaaah sis. kuo is so asian

happy halloween

we were "Christmas-- the essence of the gospel”

me and carlie (the hot pirate)

last district meeting

holding me because i'm leaving

this is a woman from the Episcopal church where we do service. I love her!!!!

me and emily

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