Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 26

I'm getting so bad at writing weekly updates!! I'm sorry! I am literally a week behind on journal writing, so that is definitely affecting it! So bad, huh!? Don't worry...I'll catch up on my journal today! 
Soooo I'm going to be lame again this week. 
Adrian is getting baptized on Saturday!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW SO EXCITING, RIGHT!? I'm sooooo excited for him!! It's been such a wonderful experience to see him really put his whole heart into getting to know Heavenly Father. As he has had a sincere heart and real intent, he has received a witness from the Spirit! I had a really cool experience the other day as I shared with him my testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We all mistakes. Sometimes we even make some really bad mistakes. Ya know what? That was part of God's plan. Of course we should strive to be like Christ, but when we fall short, we can ask for forgiveness and be strengthened through the tender mercies of the Lord. I have also come to really appreciate the Sacrament. If we really are striving to become better and have a repentant heart, Heavenly Father forgives our sins EACH week when we take the Sacrament--it's like getting rebaptized!! 
I'm so sorry I've gotta go! The work is moving forward because it's the Lord's work!! "The field is white already to harvest..." you better believe it!!! I hope yinz have a good week! 

Sister Sparks


Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission25 August 2014 Dear Parents,I an pleased to inform you that Sister Olivia Elaine Sparks has been called to the position of senior companion.  This calling reflects the trust we have in her.  We are confident she will be a powerful leader in directing the missionary work in her area.  She has proven herself worthy of this trust.Your missionary's knowledge and testimony of the gospel will continue to grow as she serves in this position.  She will also have many new challenges as well as rewarding experiences.  Your support and encouragement for your missionary as she serves here in the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission is greatly appreciated.  May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.


Bradley K. Johnson, presidentcc stake president and bishop

drying off after a HUGE thunderstorm! It rains like every single day here!

Sister Duncan! She's soo cute! She's a newbie :) I hope I get to serve with her!

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