Thursday, August 7, 2014

Week 23

Hey everyone!!!
I hope everyone's week was good! I had a fantastic week! Well, let's face it...every week is fantastic when you're a missionary for Christ!
I would like to share two stories with you!

This week, an investigator who we've been teaching for a couple of months dropped us. It was heartbreaking to see her so close and then choosing to not partake of this beautiful, pure fruit! It was pretty disheartening for a while, but I am now able to look at it from Heavenly Father's point of view. Sometimes Heavenly Father needs to let His children make mistakes so they can learn important lessons and gain a relationship with Him. Looking back, I am so grateful for the mistakes I've made because I gained a testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the importance of families. I also gained a closer relationship with my Father. I'm happy to know He has molded our lives to fit each one of us!

We were downtown on the street watching one of our investigators perform for First Fridays, and as he was introducing us to his dance crew, one of his friends came up to us and said, "Hey, it was so nice to meet you! You should take down my phone number and talk to me about your church. My Bible study just got canceled, and I should probably get something like that going again." WHAT!? WE ARE SO BLESSED! We didn't even do anything, and someone was put in our path! This work is absolutely real. Experiences like that further testify to me that we are missionaries for the true Church of Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary!!
A cool experience I had this week:
I've really been wanting to improve my personal prayers. I don't like feeling like I'm just listing off things I need or want. I really want to communicate with Heavenly Father. I read some Ensign talks and searched the scriptures for guidance. My mind had been troubled that day, and I really did not know how to fix the situation I was in. I knew I needed Heavenly Father's help. I decided I was going to take a few minutes before I pray to sit, be reverent, and ponder. I decided to really invite the Holy Ghost to help me know what I can pray for. I visualized Heavenly Father as I closed me eyes, and asked Him a specific question and LISTENED for His response. Do you want to know what happened? A thought came to my head, "Write her a note." I automatically thought, "Sweet I just thought of a solution." I quickly was chastened and realized THAT WAS HEAVENLY HELP!! Heavenly Father immediately responded to me. I know He cared about my situation. He cares about us soooooo much. We are literally His children. He doesn't just care about our spiritual well being; He cares about every aspect of our lives! Turn to Him for guidance. :) Cool, huh?
Transfers are coming up, and I'm so nervous! I don't want Sister Wade to leave!! ALAS, I know whatever happens is God's will. I'm lovin life out here in PA! I hope everyone is well!
Sister Sparks

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