Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 77


We had an amazing lesson this week with a member we're working with to
get to the temple. We are retracting her the missionary lessons, and
helping her keep the commandments! We taught the Word of Wisdom last
week, and her commitment to live it was pretty weak. We decided to
follow up that lesson with a lesson about following the prophet. We
read a bunch of scriptures how God speaks through his chosen prophets.
D&C 1:38 says,"...whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my
servants, it is the same." We watched a video of the current prophet
and apostles testifying of Jesus Christ, and by the end, she gave a
solid commitment to keep the Word of Wisdom. The Spirit was so strong
in that lesson. I really felt that Heavenly Father was so proud of her

On the opposite side of things, we met this woman right outside of her
house. We were walking past, and she was sitting there smoking with a
gloomy look on her face. We testified of the evidence of God's love
and power through the Restored Gospel, but she wouldn't listen. She
was thoroughly convinced that this life is the hell we have to go
through before we go to heaven. WOW am I so grateful for the Plan of
Salvation that teaches us the purpose of life. I know God wants us to
find joy. He also wants us to become like Him. As I keep His
commandments and strive to be like Him and His Son, I am more
joyful...they go hand in hand. I love this Gospel!!

On Wednesday we went to a member's home and made bouquets of flowers
to bring to the widows of the ward. It was so fun! We learned how to
do a little bit of floral design! Mine looked really bad, so I just
used a bunch of flowers to make up for it hahaha. I'll send a picture.
It was such a great feeling though to brighten someone's day! We
learned about Service in Sunday school yesterday. Honestly, if you
have problems in your life, focus on others, and God blesses you in
your problems. Whether it be your problems going away or your "tunnel
vision" being widened giving you a greater perspective, God helps us
when we serve others. Do it!

I went to my last zone training!!! It was so sad! We learned about the
power of the Book of Mormon is conversion. My conversion first came
from an experience with the Atonement, but as I read the Book of
Mormon each day, my conversion deepens. I know that Book has come
forth in these latter days to prepare us for the Second Coming. Read
the Title page of the Book of Mormon and why the Lord says it has come
forth....pretty cool! After zone training, we all went to a park and
played sports. It was so fun! I got stuck in a tree for a while and
was too scared to jump down. Sister Ewell dominated everyone at
football, so that's pretty cool. I learned I can't do any pull ups,
and to never order Italian dressing on a Subway sandwich.

We had an amazing second lesson with the woman we met from the service
project last week. We were planning on teaching the Plan of Salvation,
but we taught the Restoration again BECAUSE her friend decided to meet
with us too!!!! It was so cool because at the end, his concerns came
out about how he struggles to feel God listening and answering his
prayers. We were then able to address his concerns by the Spirit. It
was so cool to see his attitude change from semi-interested in reading
the Book of Mormon to very interested in becoming closer to God
through His word. I love the Book of Mormon!! Read it!

Okay I feel so absolutely blessed to be a part of this experience....
We met the sweetest girl at Kmart last week. She asked us if we were
religious people, and we obviously said yes. Her eyes filled up with
tears as she asked, "Can you please pray for me?" My heart literally
melted. We exchanged information and went to her house this week to
meet her family. That family may be the most prepared family I have
EVER met. We honestly said about two things and they were all crying.
The mother said, "I know God has sent us to you. It's been so hard.
I'm lost, and I need help." I can't accurately put into words how I
felt at that moment. I felt a complete love and compassion for this
family come over me. AHHHH so hard to explain, but it was the most
amazing thing ever!! I'm so sad I won't get to see them progress in
the Gospel I love the people of Pennsylvania!

We set our investigator who is in a wheelchair with a baptismal date.
It was so awesome! We asked if he would be baptized, and he said,
"Heck yeah!" Hahah. We also had a lesson with an investigator we
haven't been able to meet with for a while. We had the lesson in a
member's home, and the Spirit was so there. Our investigator closed
the meeting with the most sincere prayer ever. She was crying as she
apologized to God for pushing Him away for so long and thanking Him
for never leaving her side. He continued to send people in her life to
help her come back. Wow, it was so powerful.

So many amazing things are happening! I love this place so much! I
love my companion, I love the Gospel, I love being a missionary, I
love helping others, I love backing Sister Ewell up every time she
drives, I love checking the mailbox everyday, I love helping Members
do missionary work, I love EVERYTHING. Kloveyou!

Sister Sparks


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