Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 76

There was no update for week 75

Hello everyone!! I'm going into week 11 of training....which means I
have two weeks left....CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYY!!!!! How did this
happen!??? It seems like O just came on my mission and was crying
everyday because I didn't know how to talk to people hahaha. Sister
Ewell is such a good missionary-- we more prepared than I was. Things
in Monongahela are seriously AWESOME!! We've been seeing soooo many

A member of our ward saw an advertisement sort of thing on Facebook
where this lady was looking for help fixing up her neighbors yard.
This lady noticed her 95 year old neighbor couldn't give the yard the
attention it needed, and over the years, it got completely out of
control. It honestly looked like a jungle. The lady in our ward signed
up our ward to help. We joined the youth in taming these trees and
bushes and vines and shrubs. It was SO HEARTWARMING to see everyone
together helping this sweet old man out. This woman that started the
project is honestly probably the most giving person I've ever met. She
prays and ask God to lead to someone who needs help and does whatever
she can to help them. We talked to her about following the example of
Christ and how it's important to us to. She expressed she was
searching for a church to go to, so she agreed to meet with us. We
taught her the Restoration, and she totally loved it! I'm so excited
to meet with her again 😀

I'm sorry I'm out of time, but WOW I'll see you all soon! Love you!

Sister Sparks


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