Thursday, July 9, 2015

Week 71

Hello everyone!

This week was so great! I wish I could tell you everything, but we
have to leave soon to go to Kennywood. It's an amusement park here in
Pittsburgh. I'm so excited!!!
This week we taught the plan of salvation to two young girls. It was a
great experience to break down the plan of salvation into simple
truths. I watched their faces light up as they learned about life on
earth and how we can live with God again if we obey his gospel.
We also taught in primary on Sunday. There was a certain song we sing
about the Holy Ghost. "Listen to the still small voice.
Listen...listen. When you have to make a choice, he will guide you
always." Isn't that so simple? The Spirit filled the room as those
little ones sang that truth so boldly.
Well I would share more, but we have to go soon. I know the gospel of
Jesus Christ is true. I know he has restored truths to have been lost
off the earth for many centuries through the Prophet Joseph Smith. He
was a normal man, but he was chosen by God to do a great work. We
acknowledge that Joseph was a great man, but we do not worship him. We
worship God the Eternal Father. I know God lives, and I know he loves
us. He sent his son Jesus Christ to give us the opportunity to become
clean from our sins and live with him again. Because we can't see God,
he gives us a way to know truth. That is from the Spirit. He confirms
and teaches us truth. I hope that all makes sense. Gotta go!!!!

Love, Sister Sparks