Thursday, July 9, 2015

Week 67 and 68

There was no update on week 67 but below is week 68.

Hello! Sorry I haven't updated in a while! I'll try to share some good
details this time!!
Okay so my companion's name is Sister Ewell (pronounced "you'll"), and
she's from Henderson, Nevada. She just came from the MTC, so she's on
fire! She's such a great missionary! It's been a great first week.
We're already able to be freaks together, so that's a good sign.

One of the first nights we were together, we were planning for the
next day in our room, and we heard this big crash from the living
room. I didn't think much of it, so I went out to see what it was. As
soon as I poked my head in there, Sister Ewell grabbed me by the arm
and pulled me back in our room and shut the door. She proceeded to
freak me out by telling me scary stories and telling me we needed to
get weapons. She grabbed a baseball bat, and I had my pocket knife. We
yelled to the "intruder" that we knew Taekwondo. It took us a while to
build up the courage, but we ran into the living rook just to find
that around the corner, I picture frame had fallen to the
least we will be prepared for next time! Hahaha

This is soooo funny. Okay so one night I was dreaming about a man
giving me a piece of white gum that looked like a little ball. I
gladly took it from him and held it in my hand for a couple of hours.
Later in the day, (still in my dream) I remembered this piece of gum
and bit into it. I suddenly woke up from my dream with a weird taste
in my mouth...that piece of gum turned out to be my wax earplug that I
had apparently taken out of my ear and bit into hahahahaha. I just
wiped it off and put it back in hahaha.

Okay so spiritual highlight! We have been super busy with zone
trainings and iPad trainings and planning that we didn't have much
time to be out. The Lord ,are the little time we did have effective!
We were searching for a less active member's house, but we couldn't
find it for the life of us! We out the address into my GPS, and it
took us to an Italian Club. We figured we were in the wrong place, but
we thought we would try, we ran the doorbell, and the bouncer came out
and asked what the heck we were doing hahaha. We tried to convert him,
but he said no. He directed us toward our destination though, so that
was nice! We parked and walked around trying to find her address, and
it was literally non existent. I was a little bit frustrated and
wanted to give up, but I just felt like we should walk down a certain
road just in case. At the end of that road, we saw a guy sitting on
his porch in a wife beater and a speedo smoking and drinking and
listening to Led Zeppelin. Naturally, I'm thinking, "GOLD. Let's talk
to him." Sister Ewell looked like a scared little sheep thinking,
"What the heck!?" We can't talk to him!!"
To make a long story short, we shared with him the message of the
restoration, and he readily accepted. Friends of his had given him a
Book of Mormon years ago, but he said, "I haven't read it with the
real intent that Moroni guy talked about." It was such an awesome

God knows His children. He planted him there, and He told us to walk
just a little bit longer. Heavenly Father is a loving God. He created
us, sent us to learn to be like Him, and fully intends to have us
return to love with Him. He gives us the tools we need in this life to
accomplish those purposes--to become like Him and return to live with

You have an earthly Father and a Heavenly Father. Ponder that!!
Love, Sister Sparks

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