Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Week 55

HELLO EVERYONE! Okay, so big news....I'm getting transferred! I've been here for 4 and a half months, so I totally could have stayed for longer. I'm surprised I'm leaving, but I'm pretty excited for a new adventure! I've actually LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED this area SO much. The members here are few, but they are SO AWESOME. They are so closely knit, so they made me feel like family. Yeah...I'm super sad to leave. Alas, we will do the Lord's will, yeah? I'm super excited :)

Okay, so this week we lost our phone TWICE! I went on exchanges with a Sister who just came out on her mission, and it was seriously a BLAST. We're super similar, so we just cracked up laughing the whole time hahahhaah. I almost fell into a sewage pipe because of the snow hahaha it was scary. She dropped the phone in the snow, and we drove around forever looking for it! We eventually found it, but it was crazay. 

We had a Relief Society activity on Thursday for the Relief Society birthday, and it was SO fun! We played minute to win it games, and I lost every single one. Afterward I made everyone put table clothes around their faces like a lil' pilgrim or something. They thought it was strange, but I know they liked it. 

We had MLC on Friday, and it was super good! We learned a lot about using the Lord's time wisely, and it really opened my eyes (I'm sure not just my eyes) on how I can better be using this sacred time. I'm so grateful to be out here doing His work! Okay, so I forgot if I told you this story about the Nepali man in the store? Well, we had our first lesson with him before we left for MLC. Wow, the Spirit was there. We had to talk very slowly and simply, but when we talked to him about Christ and prayer, we all just felt so good. He showed us his Nepali Bible and how he marked some scriptures he really liked about Christ. He liked John 14:26-27. Man, he is seriously such a sweet person who is sincerely seeking truth. I'm so sad I won't be able to see his progression, but I'm excited he gets to be taught by some awesome Sisters missionaries! 

On Saturday, we had a lesson with this AMAZING woman. We went over with her visiting teacher, so she shared the Visiting Teaching message found in the monthly Ensign. The message this month was about patience. We invited this woman to pray for the Heavenly attribute of patience. In the closing prayer, I asked Heavenly Father for an opportunity to learn patience (PMG says patience is basically the ability to endure delay/trial/pain/etc. without becoming worried, anxious, and whatever else we usually feel in difficult situations). SO later on that day, we helped a less active member clean her house. On the way home, I realized I didn't have the phone in my pocket. We SEARCHED everywhere, but we couldn't find it! We went back and searched the lady's house and the parking lot. The Elders even went dumpster diving to look in the bags we threw away hahahah. Of course we had prayed and asked Heavenly Father for help. We decided to just head home and look for it the next day. In the car, Sister Cottam said, "Want to know something hilarious? We just prayed and asked for an opportunity to learn patience, and now we're freaking out about losing the phone." As soon as we realized this, we just decided to not worry anymore and be calm and trust that God would help us. As soon as we took this attitude, the Spirit whispered to me, "Look in your purse." HAHAHAHAH YES IT WAS IN MY PURSE THE WHOLE TIME. Wow, I learned an important lesson! 

Sunday was seriously one of the best days ever! It was so sad to say goodbye to everyone, but I was just so filled with joy to be surrounded with people I just love so much. It amazes me every time I'm transferred because you think you can't possibly love a new area and new people as much as your old areas, but it happens every time! I just love these people so much! I'll send some pictures! I've been packing like a maniac! I have sooo much stuff to fit in two bags...I hope they don't rip at the seams for real. Wish me luck! Love you all!!!!


Sister Sparks


 They have a School of Rock!!! I'm definitely living here now!!

 hahaha my dumb little leg!!!

last picture with district :( I'm going to miss them so much!!

that's Sarah!!!! She's famous!!! I freaked out when I saw that!

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