Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 42

Hello! I forgot my planner, so I don't really remember what we did this week! I have to tell you something funny though! The other night we were laying in bed at 10:30, and around 10:50, someone was banging on our door. We shot up out of bed and said a prayer hoping nothing bad was happening. The bang came again, but we didn't answer the door. We slept safely through the night, so that's good! The next morning before church we were running around the apartment searching for the car keys, and we literally could not  find them ANYWHERE. Sister Williams said, I wonder if that's why someone knocked on our door....a light bulb went off in our heads. We knocked on our neighbor's door (he's an older man), and he opens it looking quite tired and in a robe hahahaha. He said, "Are you looking for some keys?" hahaha thank you kind neighbor who saved our lives!!! Our complex is kind of sketchy, so I'm glad our neighbor found it and not someone else! 

We helped a few people decorate for Christmas this week! It was so fun! I just love Christmas. We'll hopefully be visiting some nursing homes these next few weeks and singing songs with them and sharing the story of Jesus Christ's birth! I've watched Mr. Kruger's Christmas a good 6 times. I never appreciated it when I was little, but it means a lot to me now! I hope the Holiday Season is treating you well! Remember "the reason for the season!" I love ya!

Oh, and my companion is going home tomorrow...I'm super sad! Another big change will happen as I welcome my 5th companion! 
Sister Sparks


This week after district meeting, I was in the car about to back up out of the parking spot, and Sister Williams was behind me directing me. I had an idea of where I was going to back up, but apparently she had a different place she thought I was going. As I turned the wheel, she though I was headed for the Assistant's car, so she flipped out. She ran around to the front of the car and started waving her arms, but I was still turning the wheel, so the front side of the car just above the tire hit her!!!!!!! I'm serious!! I literally hit my wasn't very hard, so she didn't fall or anything, but it was HILARIOUS. We just cracked up laughing! Later on that day, we noticed a huge dent from her body hahahahahha. Everything turned out fine though, the fleet coordinator got it out :)

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