Tuesday, May 20, 2014


weekly update:

Hello! I'm out of time practically...I'm sorry! I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED! We're driving 4 hours to Pittsburgh to transfer meeting, and I'll find out there where I'm going! I'm excited! Don't send mail this week because I won't be there anymore! I'll send my new address next week. This week was pretty slow! We got booted out of a lot of appointments this week. Agency...gotta love it :) We helped a lady in our ward pack up her dorm, so that was fun! I'm officially not eating sweets, and I've been running a lot! It's hard to stay in shape! 

I would give details about the work this week, but I have to go! Just know this week was challenging, BUT I'm still happy because I've grown a lot this week. I understand more about the Atonement that I ever have before. When we sin, (well at least when I do) I feel tied down. I feel trapped. Through the Atonement, we can break that rope that is holding us down. Through perfecting our obedience, we become free. Of course we're not going to be perfect, but we can try our best to be like Jesus Christ. Smile this week! I'll let you know how I'm doing next week :) 

Sister Sparks

ps. one of the pictures is with my companion and an awesome lady in my ward who makes me call her mom!

believe it or not, this was someone else's request.

Some of the elders 

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