Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 51

Hello there! Wow, what a great week! We received a text message from Salt Lake City telling us about someone in our area that requested missionaries. We called him right away, and he said,"I'm actually busy right now. Can I call you back in about an hour?" We thought, "He's not calling us back." To our surprise, an hour later, HE CALLED BACK! We met with him this week, and it was amazing! He is sooo sincere! Apparently his wife works with a member of our ward...coincidence? I think not ;)

We met with a less active member on Thursday. It was AWESOME. We talked to her about faith and action. Faith is a principle of POWER and ACTION. I have come to understand that if we want our faith to grow, we act. I know that is true. 

Ooooh best part! On my one year mark, (feb. 12) we met with one of our investigators and taught her the Plan of Salvation. We tried to teach how we lived with Heavenly Father before we came to this earth, WHY we came here, and why we don't remember. It was honestly a little bit frustrating because she was just not understanding. We tried to explain it 50 different ways....no light bulb. After we read a scripture with her, she just sort of laid back on her chair and said, "I just need to breathe." We asked her, "How are you feeling right now?" She said she was was feeling peaceful...she realized the Holy Ghost was with her. It was literally amazing. My words do not give it justice. We explained to her how the Holy Ghost is sent to teach us truth. Anyway, BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. 

Saturday we went to Washington, PA for a baptism of someone who Sister Cottam taught. It was good :) It took 45 minutes to drive there, but it started  to blizzard during the baptism. We had to stay at the church until it calmed down......it never calmed down.....it took 4 HOURS TO GET HOME. We were going insane. You don't want to see the videos we took in the car hahahaha. 

Alright, I'm going to go play sports, so bye! Love you!

Sister Sparks

painting with the killens! Got it in my eye

Angelica. daughter of our burmese investigator. well, actually she dropped us :(

the Killens :) I LOVE THEM!!!

dont pay attention to how weird my face looks. look at the blanket!

didn't notice the doll till later lolz

after pday sports

the mlc crew!


Sister Cottam and all of her previous companions minus two

 sister wade again. love her!

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